Monday, November 29, 2021

Person Update: Final

This Fall I have focused on learning Blender as my primary skill development. I've been able to establish a quick and effective workflow that is now as fast and effective (if not better) than my workflow in Maya. In addition to transitioning my current modeling workflow over from Maya, I also learned how to us Blender's Cycles renderer and bevel shader to create high polygon models without using subdivision modeling.

Outside of developing my skills in Blender, I have spent my time figuring out how to better promote myself as a brand in order get hired. I now have my own website, utilizing still as the home base but now with options for personal customization. I've also updated my LinkedIn page, started a Gumroad account (with nothing to sell yet) and minted my first NFT on

I interviewed with 2 companies this Fall:

  1. Osso VR: A simulation company that makes training sims for medical procedures. I had a really good first round interview and had a very good impression of the company. They seem to be growing fast and have a really good culture. I'd highly recommend for FIEAns to keep an eye on their job postings.
  2. Vertex Solutions: Another training simulations company that primary works with the U.S. military and DOD. I was offered a job as a 3D artist and accepted. I'll be working remote and staying in Orlando for the time-being.

My current strengths as a 3D artist or overall employee are:

  1. Self disciplined
  2. Punctual, good at meeting deadlines
  3. Passionate about hard surface modeling
  4. Detail oriented
  5. I don't take criticism personally
 To summarize, I think my biggest asset is that I'm good at taking directions and completing whatever it is that I'm asked to do, on time. In my experience that's one of the most important qualities of being professionally successful.
 Here's an example of experimenting with Blender's bevel shader. You can see by the wireframe how low the geometry is on the model with the shader, yet it still looks high poly.

This is a grenade I modeled in Blender. I used this as practice so that I could get a feel for utilizing the new workflow start to finish.

New website

First minted NFT

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Blender Bevel Shader Bake Test

 Low Poly Dice


High Poly Dice

High Poly with Bevel Shader

Low Poly with Normal Map

Monday, October 25, 2021

Personal Development Update: 3

Since my last personal development update I completed my art test for Vertex Solutions and accepted a job offer from them. I'm continuing to chip away at modeling the Kaneda motorcycle as a portfolio piece. Currently I'm focusing on the seat and how it connects to the main chassis of the bike. As far as Blender goes, I've completed most of the tutorials I wanted to get through as far as learning the modeling tools. I feel pretty competent in the software as a whole but the snapping and pivot system still feels odd and sluggish to me. I'm considering picking another small piece to model in Blender so that I can get more comfortable with it. I'm continuing to watch Simon Fuch's modeling tutorial in Blender to see if I can pick up on any more work flow tips.




Monday, October 4, 2021

Personal Development Update: 2

Last week I was offered to do an art test and interview with a Mil Sim company called Vertex Solutions. Currently, my primary focus is finishing up making a suppressor for the art test. I've also been slowly chipping away at the Kaneda bike model as well as Blender tutorials. I don't have much to show on the Blender side of things but I've made a lot of progress. I finished the entire Flipped Normals intro to Blender tutorial and now I'm watching Simon Fuch's tutorial on modeling a drone in Blender. I've spent a lot of my time remapping hotkeys and customizing the UI to prepare for an efficient future workflow.

 B&T Suppressor Progress

Kaneda Bike

Blender Tutorial

Monday, September 6, 2021

Peronsal Development Update: 1

For my personal development work I'm currently working on a personal rendition of Kaneda's motorcycle from the movie Akira. At this point I have completed a blockout for the bike and I've begun high poly modeling the tires.

In addition, I'm working my way through tutorials for learning Blender. I'm currently using a tutorial I purchased from and focusing on learning the basic tools and remapping hot keys to personalize the configuration. 

Finally, I've applied for a hard surface modeling position for a company called Osso VR that makes VR training simulations for medical procedures. I've had one interview and they said they were going to recommend me for moving on to the next interview round.